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How the New Medicare Tax Will Affect Real Estate

Real Estate Taxes

One of the many obscure taxes in the new Healthcare Plan is a 3.8% tax on real estate investments.  How will this affect buyers and sellers on current and future real estate transactions? This new tax is labeled as a “Medicare Tax”.  Its intention is to replenish our Medicare Fund before it dries up.  Keep […]

Arizona Real Estate Investing Today

Investing in Arizona homes for sale can be as lucrative today as ever before.  The investor, whether they are a novice or experienced speculator, still must adhere to basic business principles. They should be open to asking for advice from the real estate agent as well as investment groups.  It would also behoove the investor […]

Arizona Real Estate Investing Tips

If you read the newspapers and watch the news, out-of-state investors, especially Canadians, are taking advantage of the Arizona housing market.  Arizona is one of the leading States in short sale and foreclosure transactions. Success in real estate investing is usually guaranteed when you “buy low and sell high”.  Timing also is a crucial factor […]

The Investor Green Card

An Investor Green Card allows foreign investors to gain permanent residency in the United States by investing in federally approved commercial enterprises.  There are several requirements that must be met and timelines to follow. The Investment Green Card has gained recognition over the last several years, although it’s been around since the 1990’s.  Formally, the […]

Real Estate Investment Guidelines and Pitfalls

With the high number of Arizona real estate distressed properties, including bank owned homes, short sales and trustee sales, real estate investors are flocking to purchase homes to “fix and flip” as well as hold as rental properties until the market values increase.  Although this can be an extremely lucrative business, there are several instances […]