Bank Mortgage to Lease Pilot Program

Bank Sign

The Bank of America is starting a new pilot program called the Mortgage to Lease.  Three States are involved; Arizona, Nevada and New York.  Letters will be sent at random to approximately 1000 homeowners within these 3 states. Basically, this is a program that will give the homeowner an alternative to foreclosure.  To qualify, the […]

Beware of the Partial Rent Payment

The Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act directs the actions of landlords and tenants by means of Arizona Revised Statutes.  These statutes are guidelines for all parties involved in a residential lease agreement.  What happens when a Tenant makes a partial rent payment to a Landlord? One statue in particular, Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S 33-1371) addresses […]

Renting vs. Home Lease Purchase

There are many buyers in today’s market that have lost their homes due to a short sale or foreclosure.  These unfortunate circumstances have left buyers with no other choice but to rent a home, unless they are able to pay cash for a new home.  Financing or getting a mortgage is not an option for […]