Distressed Properties

Buying a Home at a Trustee Sale Can Be Risky

Real Estate Trustee Sales

Many homebuyers often ask us if we will help them buy a Trustee Sale home.  They read about or view television shows describing how easy it is to do.  Although the experienced investor can be quite adept with these transactions, the general public is usually overwhelmed.  Financially, the process can be rewarding, again, especially for […]

Buyers Need Not Be Leary of the Short Sale

Short Sale Questions

Remember the days when no one ever had heard of a short-sale?  Buyers and sellers only had to be concerned with finding the right property and closing in 30 days.  Then the market collapsed and a whole new breed of transaction materialized.  Today is the day of the short-sale and we all must be prepared […]

Short Sales Climb in Phoenix and Tucson Housing Markets

Short Sales-Next Exit

As the housing inventory continues to decline, there is a huge increase in demand for short sales.  Lender approved sales have surpassed foreclosure sales and 2012 looks to be a record year for short sales. On a national level, these types of sales have increased approximately 33 percent over the same time last year.  32 […]

Phoenix Suburbs That Top The List in Short Sales and Foreclosures

Our First Foreclosure

Coming in first place is usually something to celebrate about.  When your city tops the list in short sales and foreclosures, chances are you won’t be jumping for joy anytime soon.  Metro Phoenix consists of many suburbs and are broken down into sections; most commonly known as the East Valley and West Valley. Our first […]

Get on Your Mark-Get Set-Foreclosures

Shadow Inventory

Rumor has it that banks are preparing to push some of their “shadow” inventory out on the market by the summertime.  If this is true, all I can say is, “It’s about time!”  Buyers are at the starting blocks and waiting anxiously for more homes to come on the market via foreclosures. One problem with […]

Are More Foreclosures on the Horizon?

Arizona Foreclosures-Good News Bad News

Banks have been holding on to their “shadow” inventory for some time.  Shadow inventory is the set of homes banks have foreclosed on but haven’t released to the market. A shortage of homes is a nationwide problem and soon will be remedied. The question now is how will this affect the Phoenix and Tucson housing […]

Could Short Sales Finally Mean “Short” Sales?

The biggest complaint about homes sold as “short sales” in the past was why they were called short sales and not “long” sales.  Banks and Mortgage Companies have been taking their sweet time in approving or disapproving homes whose loans were higher than market value of the property.  Some short sales have taken as long […]

Arizona Short Sales Are Becoming More Attractive

For the past few years, buyers have tried to avoid short sales.  The primary reason was because of the extended period it takes before an approval is received from the Seller’s bank.  A more appropriate term should be “long sales”. As most of the general public is aware, the term “short sale” describes when the […]

Buying a Distressed Property

Buying a home in a “normal” market is perplexing enough.  It is important for the buyer to understand the different types of distressed properties. Having a basic knowledge of these types of homes will better prepare the buyer when they are ready to purchase a home. As a buyer, you are hearing all kinds of […]

Short Sale vs. Foreclosure Incentive

The Arizona Department of Housing now is taking applications from homeowners, effective September 21, 2011, to see if they qualify to sell their home as a “short sale”.  Qualifying applicants will receive a $4500 bonus and their closing costs paid when their home is sold.  This is a valuable incentive for homeowners to sell their […]