Career Opportunities

Real estate sales can be one of the most lucrative professions in the consumer industry. The only prerequisites to join our Company are motivation and a Real Estate Sales License. We will teach you the rest! Jeffrey Austin, the Broker/Owner for Real Estate Homes, LLC, has over 23 + years of real estate experience in the Valley. Jeffrey also has over 35 years of experience in computer technology. As a Company, our foundation is built around two main principles: customer service and “exclusive” representation to the client as a buyer’s agent. In order to succeed within this foundation, our agents need to be on top of their game. Over the years, it is our opinion that real estate sales fall in the 90-10 rule. The 90-10 rule basically says 10% of agents do 90% of the business. Agents need to understand, based on this rule, there is no competition. Another interesting statistic is most real estate agents try to juggle representation to buyers and sellers at the same time. This is called Dual Agency. This presents a very high risk factor to all parties concerned. This is especially true since most realtors either work with 80%-85% of buyers and 15%-20% of sellers or vice versa. Great customer service and exclusive representation to the client require trained skills. Jeffrey Austin, the Designated Broker, served 6 years in the Marine Corps and firmly believes in the motto “The few, The Proud, The Marines”. Strength and solidarity are attained more by providing quality rather than quantity. The old adages “Dynamite comes in small packages” or “Bigger is not always Better”, are so true. These are some of the principle reasons why Real Estate Homes, LLC is an exclusive buyers agency. If you love working with buyers, our Company is looking for you. If seller representation is more your “cup of tea”, consider being one of our preferred partners. Many companies offer all types of training and technology classes. They brag about their number of sales or sales volume as a Company. Isn’t it more important what you’re able to accomplish as an individual agent? You may ask yourself, “How productive are these classes” or “How useful are these classes going to be?” Our company will teach you everything you need to know and offer the core tools necessary to be the most productive agent that you can be. We accomplish this by offering one-on-one training to our agents. Productivity and organizational skills are the keys to a successful real estate career. Wouldn’t it be awesome to do in 4 hours what it takes most agents a full day or longer to accomplish? Real estate is a very time-consuming business. It is so easy to get side-tracked or bury ourselves in mounds of paperwork. When we start to lose focus, our sales are affected. Very few agents have been able to master the required techniques to be highly organized and productive. Our Company will work with you to achieve one major goal: To provide you with the tools & educational skills required to be successful, along with “peace of mind” that you will have a Broker who is always just a phone call away . . . . The rest is up to you. If you think you’re self-driven, motivated, willing to learn and have good communication skills, then let’s talk. We are looking for agents who . . . .
  • Want to work full-time, are hard working & motivated
  • Have some real estate experience or previous experience in Corporate sales
  • Are willing & excited to learn about technology & use it effectively in real estate
  • Are organized and eager to learn organizational skills to enhance productivity
Please send resume to: Attn: Jeffrey Austin