Tucson Home Sales By the Numbers – December 2014

We have been reporting the Tucson housing statistics for the past several years. It has been apparent, due to the slow housing recovery, that these sale numbers have changed very little over the past 4 or 5 years. Even though the numbers have been a little better year after year, there has been no substantial […]

Phoenix Home Sales By the Numbers – December 2014

Although sales for December looked promising, we cannot come to the conclusion that the Phoenix housing market is getting stronger. Below are some of the reasons why the numbers looked attractive for December 2014. Sellers do not want to be bothered over the holidays with buyer traffic, so they decide not to put their home […]

Tucson Home Sales By the Numbers – November 2014

It appeared that the Tucson home sales were looking up, given the September and October numbers. However, in November sales were down 11% over October 2014. The only uptick was in Active listings, which increased 3% over the previous month to 6,057. Total active distressed homes made up 10% of total active listings. This is […]

Phoenix Home Sales By the Numbers – November 2014

It is difficult to understand the sale numbers during the holiday season. With Thanksgiving come and gone, and Christmas right around the corner, there could be several reasons why the housing market sometimes shows skewed results. The sales for November are not encouraging, and as we mentioned, one explanation is the holidays. Active listings decreased […]

Tucson Home Sales By the Numbers – October 2014

Tucson picked up the pace in the housing market for October, making up for poor sale numbers in September. Active listings and sales each increased 5%. Active listings are now at 5,879 units, with sales increasing from 925 in September to 977 in October. Even though these numbers are not very exciting, they still represent […]

Phoenix Home Sales By the Numbers – October 2014

The October sales numbers for the Phoenix housing market are in. The end of summer could not have come soon enough. Sales volume was down again last month. Remember, our numbers are calculated for single-family residential properties only. We do not include manufactured homes, mobile homes or apartments. The ratio of distressed homes to active […]

Tucson Home Sales By the Numbers – September 2014

Tucson home sales continue to slide. Units sold were down 10% in September with only 925 units sold. However, active listings increased to 5,610 units. 8% of this inventory is considered distressed homes. Distressed homes are short sales and bank owned properties. 18% of homes sold for the month of September were distressed homes. Some […]

Phoenix Home Sales By the Numbers – September 2014

Finally we have a break from the summer heat. Summer home sales for June, July and August were dismal to say the least. New home inventory increased 1%, but sales again were down 2% for the 6th month in a row. Sale prices were up, but less than 1% to $252,635. Prices seem to be […]

Tucson Home Sales By the Numbers – August 2014

The Tucson home inventory and home sales were down again for August. Inventory decreased 1% to 5,344 units. Home sales also were down 4% to 1,031 units. Keep in mind we do not include mobile or manufactured homes in our analysis. Distressed properties accounted for 9% of total active listings and 18% of units sold. […]

Phoenix Home Sales By the Numbers – August 2014

As the end of summer nears, we all look forward to cooler temperatures. Sales and home inventory declined again for the 5th month in a row. On the optimistic side of this market lull, home sale prices remain in check. Active listings were down 3% for August and sales tumbled 6%. Home sale prices were […]