Home Inspection Issues

With the Arizona real estate market starting to pick up steam, we are seeing fewer homes for sale and more buyers competing for current inventory.  Many times we see multiple offers on homes.  We also notice many of these homes have several home inspection issues. Despite the fact that buyers are competing for homes, most Phoenix real estate is still considered distressed properties.  Distressed properties include short sales and bank owned homes, also referred to as REO properties.  These homes typically are sold in “as-is” condition, meaning the owner or the bank is unwilling to make any repairs.  This does not mean that the buyer should not have a home inspection. Distressed properties tend to have deferred maintenance issues.  The air conditioning may not have been serviced for several years. The home hasn’t been inspected for termites since the homeowner purchased the home.  General preservation of the property falls to the wayside when a homeowner is having financial difficulties.  They will feed their family before they repair a roof. Even if the home is sold “as-is”, the homebuyer should always get a home inspection.  Knowledge of what is currently wrong and what it will cost to fix must to be taken into consideration. As the buyer, just because the home is being sold “as-is” does not mean you cannot ask the seller or bank to make repairs. Arizona requires home inspectors to be licensed.  Recently ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors, announced an additional certification for home inspectors.  This new certification is backed by the National Commission for Certifying Authorities (NCCA).  Find out more information at http://www.ashi.org/ For the home buyer, this means two layers of protection and two sources of liability insurance if something goes wrong and the home inspector misses something while performing the inspection. A home inspector with both designations is highly trained, with thousands of hours in apprenticeship before they are awarded this certification. Contact your local real estate professional for a list of home inspectors in the area who are ASHI and NCCA certified.  Good luck and happy house hunting!
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